The Future of Real Estate under a Bitcoin Standard

InFi vs DeFi Real Estate

DeFi Home Lending Process

  1. House lenders have inventory. Bitcoin holders need a place to live, but don’t want to give up their valuable Bitcoin.
  2. The Bitcoin holder borrows a house by posting Bitcoin as collateral.
  3. The Bitcoin holder pays monthly interest payments to the house lender using Lightning.
  4. If the house lender calls the house and the Bitcoin holder doesn’t give it back, they take the Bitcoin collateral.

Why do this?

  • In case of default, you get paid in the world’s best monetary asset, Bitcoin. The Bitcoin you receive will be worth more than the value of the house over time.
  • You earn monthly interest payments in BTC on your property.
  • Retain ownership of your Bitcoin, since it will retain its value better than the house itself.
  • You are “renting” with the option to buy.
  • Can’t get forced out of your home by a landlord.

Future of Real Estate



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