Bitcoin Full Node Sculpture №7

Mimesis Capital, founded during COVID-19 pandemic, is the first single-family office fund to adopt the Bitcoin standard, placing great emphasis on the use of Bitcoin technology to preserve monetary value. Believing that Bitcoin is the ultimate medium for transferring wealth across generations, the firm will continue to convert all its liquid wealth into Bitcoin.

Besides that, Mimesis Capital is an investor in Bitcoin related startups and funds like Unchained Capital, Swan Bitcoin, Umbrel, Foundation Devices, Satoshi Energy, Trammell Venture Partners and Tantra Lab. …

Bitcoin has a preprogrammed algorithmic stock to flow ratio. The ratio is calculated by dividing the existing stock of bitcoin by the flow of bitcoin to be mined annually.

Bitcoin Blackhole

Let’s compare two vastly different monetary technologies.

One is government fiat currency (USD) and the other is bitcoin.

One has an exponentially growing future supply, and the other has a fixed total supply. One is unpredictable and controlled by central bankers and politicians, and the other is predictable and controlled algorithmically by code and user consensus.

Bitcoin currently trades at $37,500 per coin. All of the Bitcoins that currently exist are worth more than $700,000,000,000. That’s $700 Billion Dollars.

Bitcoin is a revolutionary new type of asset, a digital asset. Before Bitcoin, this concept of a scarce digital asset with no counterparty risk did not exist. It was not possible to create a scarce purely digital asset, like a physical gold bar on the internet.

Since Bitcoin is such a marvel new concept, many people have yet to grasp its meaning and utility. One common misunderstanding is that Bitcoin may be “replaced” by a new coin…

We are in the early stages of a transition between two monetary systems, InFi and DeFi. No, I’m not talking about DeFi as in “Decentralized Finance”. I’m talking about InFi (Inflationary Finance) and DeFi (Deflationary Finance).

As we begin moving away from man-made InFi and towards the inevitable game theoretic convergence on DeFi, we can begin to visualize the new financial system that will likely leave the heads spinning of many 20th century Wall Street experts.

To be clear, DeFi is when the world is entirely under a Bitcoin standard. This is a direct result of Bitcoin’s unique monetary properties…

Currently, there are roughly 18.6M Bitcoins that exist (maximum of 21M Bitcoins). Since March of 2020, when Covid fear reached its peak, lockdowns commenced all across the world, and markets collapsed, the number of Bitcoins held on exchanges has decreased at an unprecedented pace.

Directly before the 2017 bull run, we saw a much smaller, but similar phenomenon. In August of 2016, we witnessed total exchange balances peak at 1.06M BTC. At the beginning of 2017, 0.94M BTC remained on exchanges, meaning 120,000 BTC were removed (-11% decline).

This bull run appears to be telling a more extreme story. In…

Is $27,000 BTC “cheap”?

Most people first hear about Bitcoin from its “NgU Technology” (Number Go Up Technology). Typically, Bitcoin’s never-ending parabolic price increases set off alarms for many intelligent people.

They see the price going up on something they don’t understand, and they get additional confirmation bias from other smart individuals (on CNBC and Bloomberg), who also don’t understand. This has led many smart people to write Bitcoin off as a “bubble” or “ponzi” without taking much time to look into it.

In my mind, this is actually perfectly rational behavior from their perspective. Wall Street and finance professionals aren’t computer scientists. They…


MicroStrategy, the billion dollar publicly traded business intelligence software company became famous among the Bitcoin community after announcing it has adopted Bitcoin as their primary treasury reserve asset. Now it has taken its Bitcoin position one big step further.

MicroStrategy is issuing $650M of unsecured corporate debt at an interest rate of 0.75% that is not due until 2025.

This means that MicroStrategy is borrowing $650M at an incredibly low interest rate without having to post any collateral. All MicroStrategy must do for the next 5 years is pay $4.9M …

Medici Patronage

“The only question with wealth is, what do you do with it?”

John D. Rockefeller

The topic of wealth preservation has not been more relevant than it is today. With the global economy being decimated for reasons known and unknown, it remains to be seen how families around the world will cope with the fact that their fortunes, often hard-earned across generations, may soon vanish. Is there a way to prevent it from happening?

Economy in Dire Straits

The state of the world economy is clear to an attentive observer. Sovereign debt is through the roof, the printing press is operating at capacities…

1 BTC = 1 BTC

“Bitcoin is the world’s best treasury reserve asset, the emerging dominant monetary network, and the solution to the store of value problem faced by 7.5 billion people & $300 trillion in capital. At this point, it is all but unstoppable.”

Michael Saylor (Founder & CEO of MicroStrategy)

Bitcoin is the most certain asset in the entire universe.

It is an asset that has two unique characteristics that no other asset has combined.

  1. No Counterparty Risk — the other party in an investment, credit, or trading transaction may not fulfill its part of the deal and may default on the…

Mimesis Capital

Bitcoin denominated family office fund focus on generational wealth preservation leveraging Bitcoin tech. We invest 100% of our liquid portfolio in Bitcoin.

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